Welcome to Lings Primary School and we are glad you have managed to find your way to our website!

There is so much to say about our unique little school that I don't even know where to start. We all live by the motto of "Set the standard" and we do everything in our power to do this in every area of the curriculum. This is not always easy but through the incredible support of our learners, parents, staff and community we try our best! We do things a bit differently at Lings and we are very proud to work with a range of incredible providers to try and develop every area of the whole child. We are part of the Northampton Primary Academy trust and they provide us with help, support and challenge and are committed to developing us in to a school that truly makes a difference. We are passionate about the Performing Arts and Sport but we also realise that Academic excellence is vital in giving our leaners the chances in life they need to succeed.