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At Lings Primary School we believe that all children have the potential to become able mathematicians. We aim for children to be able to:

  • Build a sense of enjoyment and curiosity towards Mathematics.
  • Recognise the importance of Maths in the wider world.
  • Use mathematical skills and knowledge effectively in their own lives.
  • Be fluent in the fundamental key skills of Maths such as recall of number facts and use of the number system.
  • Develop the ability to reason mathematically, make generalisations and make sense of solutions.
  • Solve problems by applying their mathematical knowledge.
  • Have high expectations of themselves.
  • Believe that they can learn and succeed mathematically to a high level.
  • Be able to apply what they have learned to the wider curriculum.
  • Develop independence when working mathematically.
  • Persevere when doing Maths and see struggle and being stuck as positive and important experiences.
  • Build their mathematical skills, knowledge and understanding consistently over time.

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