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Hayeswood Road, Lings
Northampton, NN3 8NN

Our Aims, Values and Ethos 

At Lings Primary we hold our children in an unconditional positive regard and have high expectations for their future ambitions. We endeavour to be a safe, happy, and successful community where individuals are welcomed, accepted, and equally valued. We encourage the consideration and respect of others, tolerance and understanding. Everyone is encouraged to be the best they can be, and we believe that every child has the potential to thrive if given the right support and a range of opportunities.   

We want our children to develop into honest individuals who value the truth as well as having a high self-esteem and a strong sense of knowing right from wrong. They should have a pride in Lings Primary School and seek to preserve and enhance their school environment. They should value and seek to support each other both academically and socially. Our pupils need to be aware of the safety of themselves and others both emotionally and physically. British Values underpin this with mutual respect, tolerance of different faiths and beliefs and the rule of law.  


Set the Standard is our school motto. Our children have a good understanding of what it means to set the Lings standard, and this is demonstrated by showing consistently the Lings language of learning.  

Being courageous, showing respect, being resilient, being ambitious, showing kindness, being confident and showing enthusiasm.  

Our aims and ethos also align with our Trust’s Values that can be found clicking here